Alabama Run Off in Calhoun County

Tomorrow’s runoff election has more contested races on the Republican ballot than the Democratic ballot.

The Republican runoff has statewide contests for secretary of state, state auditor and Public Service Commission Place 2. The Democratic Party doesn't have any runoffs for statewide offices or congressional offices. It has runoffs for one legislative seat and some county offices. The Calhoun County Democratic Ballot includes a run off for County Commission District 1, James Montgomery versus Fred Wilson. County Board of Registrars Member, Carolyn Henderson says that the expected low turn-outs are pretty usual for run-offs, but she’s expecting a lot of interest in the contest for County Commission. Ballots include a statewide vote for proposed amendment number one. If passed, it would allow cotton farmers to impose a mandatory, non-refundable fee for each bale of cotton.

Currently, all cotton farmers pay that fee when they deliver to the gin, but they can request a refund. Henderson says vote according to your conscience on the proposed amendment. And if you don’t understand it – reconsider your vote. Polls are open from 7:00AM until 7:00PM. Secretary of State Jim Bennett is expecting about 5 percent of Alabama voters to participate.


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