Break-In and Assault

The Gadsden Police Department is investigating the report of a forced entry and assault. According to the Gadsden Police Department, a woman says she was assaulted in her Chestnut Street apartment about 4:00AM on Sunday when she awoke to find a man in her apartment. According to authorities, the victim told police she woke up when she heard a noise, and was able to see a man coming in her bedroom. The woman sat up in her bed, and was attacked by the man. Authorities say he hit her in the head multiple times with a rock, and after she managed to make him drop the rock, he hit her with his fist then started choking her. He stopped choking her before she lost consciousness and ran back out the back door. According to authorities, the woman went to her neighbor’s residence and called police, who responded and found her bleeding from the head.


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