Just Call Me Paul

A man making his way by foot with a cross in hand through Oxford , stops on his more than 9,000- mile journey to speak to TV24, today. “Just Call Me Paul” is a ministry that began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in October. The ministry’s representative is making a figure 8 across the United States and he desires to be unnamed. Because he says it’s all about the work of the ministry. He says that the Apostle Paul walked more than 9000 miles for the Gospel and this burden in his heart was birthed in August of 2013 when he re-dedicated his life to the Lord. In October, he gave away all he owned and walked out of his door with only $250 and a paycheck on the way. He adds that this work is about more than just what you see. This is his 3rd version of his cross design. He said he’s had a lot of flat tires on his track from North to South.


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