Memorial Service for Marine Corporal Charles Gordon Smith

A World War II war veteran from Anniston, who was buried at sea after he was shot down during the Second Battle of Guam finally receives his proper, final salute at a local cemetery. Carol Jean Smith Autrey makes frequent visits to Anniston’s Edgemont Cemetery to bring flowers to the grave of her deceased grandmother. And, she says that during those special moments she would often think of what it would be like if her father- Marine Corporal Charles Gordon Smith - had a monument. Autrey said one the family had the monument they decided to have a memorial service. Today’s memorial service was the first military funeral held for her dad. Autrey’s son, Alabama State Trooper, Kevin Autrey expressed his pride for his grandfather’s service. The Patriot Guards conducted the ceremony with the National Anthem played, the Pledge of Allegiance recited, and a folding and presentation of the American Flag.


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