New Head of School for The Donoho School

One local private school welcomed in its new leader earlier this month. James Hutchins is the new Head of School for The Donoho School. He’s a man who comes from humble beginnings. He was born in Anniston in the late 1960s and was raised by a single mother. Hutchins says he has always had the desire to better himself through hard work, determination, and sacrifice. He says his successes were all about planning and the care from other people. Hutchins says he always knew that education was his key to a better life. And it is that principle which he hopes to instill in The Donoho students. He says his passion for education came from his nontraditional course into his current career. Even in his professional life as a teacher, Hutchins has served as a coach, an administrator, and a dorm parent. He gained most of that experience in his twelve years at Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. Hutchins says that working with kids on a daily basis is his favorite part of the job and it helps promote the strength of any school. Hutchins finds that the strength of most independent schools is their loyalty to the complete development of the youth. He says that while most schools are mandated to cut essential programs, independent schools hold on to important programs such as the Arts. Hutchins adds that The Donoho School is a strong college preparatory school and it has so many wonderful things going on. He says he’s already captivated by the level of achievement and diversity at the school. Hutchins says The Donoho School is looking at ways to be more accessible to those who want to attend. He says the administration is considering new bus routes and looking at increasing financial aid.


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