JSU Holds VEX Robotics Training

The Jacksonville State University technology and engineering departments have partnered with the Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative to show teachers within a weeks’ time the basic steps for constructing, driving, and programming robots. And, organizers believe that with a lot of expertise and training, the teacher’s passion for robotics will rub off on their students. The VEX Robotics training gathered more than 50 teachers at J-S-U In Service. The training culminated today with a teacher competition focusing on robot driver control which they applied to games. Participating teachers say the training they have received will help to motivate the children they instruct into the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Tanya Barnes, the Project Administrator for the J-S-U Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative says that this is the second year for the program and that with every passing year she sees how industry is dictating that American school children be better prepared. She says that this training is a big part of making sure the children of today can compete in a future adult world where technological education will be a big part of their success. The training workshop was funded through a Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant. Each team of teachers will continue to receive ongoing support through the JSU In-Service Center’s AMSTI and Alabama Science in Motion staff members. The VEX Robotics Training program will run out of funding after next year.

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