KinderCamp at West End Elementary

Kindergarten students at West End Elementary in Etowah County got a head start on other students by going to school a day early!

47 of the 55 kindergarten students enrolled at West End participated in today’s United Way KinderCamp. The program was sponsored by the United Way’s Success By Six program. It’s a way to introduce kindergarten students to the routine of attending school *before* the whole student body gets started. Students and their parents spent a half-day at the school today meeting other students and meeting their teachers. United Way volunteers also helped them learn how to pick up their own lunch and where to sit in the lunchroom. The parents also got in on the learning today with advice about school rules, car-line procedures and things they can do to help their children learn. School officials and parents all agreed that today’s KinderCamp will make tomorrow’s first day of school much easier for the kids. All of the students who participated in KinderCamp received a backpack full of school supplies from Success By Six and all of the teachers who participated received a free iPad from the United Way. The group hopes to expand the program to additional schools next year.


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