Recreation Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony

The city of Oxford hosted a groundbreaking ceremony today for its recreation complex. According to city leaders, the complex will further advance the quality of life for the citizens of Oxford and has already been a profit to the local economy. The recreation complex has employed local suppliers and manufacturers with jobs. Eugene Turner General Contractors is working on the construction of the complex and President Danny Turner says that the employment of local people is part of what will make this a top-notch complex. ) The recreational complex is making history with its regulation track facility and signature stadiums. Oxford City Council President, Steven Waits, says the new fields will be a big help to the Oxford City School System’s baseball and softball teams. Waits adds that the complex was redesigned with the locations historical context in mind after the city learned about the lands connection to the Muscogee Creek Nation and the Abihka People. He says that the land is known to be a place of healing to the ancient peoples. Waits says, he believes it will also be that for all who venture to the complex. He says today is a fulfilling day for the people of Oxford. City leaders have been working on the state-of-the art facility for more than 9 years and it has seen the transition of 3 city councils. The Oxford City Council says there are 16 more months until the construction completion. They say once the construction is completed the complex is estimated to bring in more than $13.5 million annually. And Oxford schools will receive $150,000 annually in revenue from retail sales of the school tax that is already in place.


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