Alabama Plans to Overhaul the Process of Attaining Driver’s License

According to Alabama Law Enforcement officials, the state plans to overhaul the system for getting a driver’s license. And that is because with every license the state produces it loses $3, causing across the board money loss. At a Joint Legislative Committee on Homeland Security Meeting on Monday Law Enforcement Secretary Spencer Collier described the driver's license offices as a paramilitary organization, with a uniformed officer of the Alabama State Troopers in each office. He said he wanted to civilianize those offices, and get the troopers out on the road. Collier said his goal was to get 100 additional state troopers out on patrol by January, largely by pulling troopers out of driver's license offices. Collier said the transition is expected to be complete by 2015, but he doubts if the driver's license office can be reformed by January 1.


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