New Synthetic Drug Found

Law Enforcement agents in Etowah County announce the discovery of a new type of synthetic drug in the county. In a news conference today, Sheriff Todd Entrekin said that Etowah County Drug Task Force agents discovered more than two kilos of the synthetic drug AB-Pinaca on August 1st while executing a search warrant in the Smith Institute Community. The discovery of this dangerous drug is believed to be the first in Alabama and carries a street value of more than $100,000. Task Force Commander Rob Savage says that the drug would have been mixed with acetone and then sprayed onto any number of substances to create what is commonly known as Spice. He says that it is becoming more common for his agents to find synthetic drugs. Sheriff Entrekin noted that synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous and that AB-Pinaca is known to cause renal failure, lung and circulatory failure and sometimes even death after just one use. The sheriff warned the public to use extreme caution when finding *any* unknown substance. Investigators have made two arrests in the case so far. 26-year old Ricky Laxton and 20-year old Samantha Mooney – both of Boaz – have each been charged with trafficking in addition to numerous additional counts involving illegal drugs. Sheriff Entrekin says that the AB-Pinaca in this case was ordered from China and was delivered through the US Postal Service, who participated in the investigation.


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