115th Founder’s Day Celebration

A local town that was Alabama’s first all-black municipality begins its three-day Founder’s Day celebration, tonight. The kick off for Hobson City’s 115th Founder’s Day Celebration was at New Hope Baptist Church in Hobson City. Events will continue on Friday at 9:30AM with a forum at the FEMA building where mayors from other Black cities and other local and state officials will discuss the city’s economic progress, and future partnerships. According to Hobson City Mayor Alberta McCrory the events will focus on the history of the city and how the city continues to thrive in its own way in spite of the ups and downs.On Friday, officials will also recognize the oldest person in Hobson City. They town calls her their matriarch. Willie Maude Atkinson was born in a house next to the one she lives in today. The Founder’s Day Celebration will conclude with a Family Day at J. R. Striplin Park which will begin at 10:00AM. Hobson City was incorporated on August 16, 1899. The town was named after Richmond P. Hobson, a white naval hero and member of Congress.


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