Calhoun County Schools Employee of the Month

TV24 is proud to present the Calhoun County Schools Employee of the Month. This month we turn our cameras to White Plains Elementary School , and a special teacher who has touched the lives of so many. Donna Thompson is a first grade teacher at White Plains Elementary School. She has been with the Calhoun County School System for nine years. Becoming a teacher was a second career for Thompson. She pursued teaching after the birth of her daughter. She says it was her daughter’s learning process which inspired her. She says that now she is rewarded every day by the seventeen little children that have become her own. White Plains Elementary School Principal, Jonathan Gilbert, says he’s been a friend of Thompson’s for 10 years. But, he’s only worked with her at the school for 3 years. He says she has the right attitude and it is no surprise that she was selected as employee of the month. Gilbert adds that she rarely complains about anything. And it is that attribute that he appreciates most about her. Her co-workers say she is simply outstanding and that she is the best teacher you will ever meet. Calhoun County Schools Superintendent, Joe Dyar, has known Thompson for 20 years and has worked with her for 10. He says she eats, sleeps, and drinks what she does. Calhoun County Schools Employee of the Month is sponsored by America’s First Federal Credit Union. They provide a $200 gift certificate to each Employee of the month.


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