Anniston Army Depot Donates Blood For 60 Years

The Anniston Army Depot observes a 60 year partnership. Employees of the Anniston Army Depot started donating whole blood to the American Red Cross in 1954. And, according to their account this year they celebrate being the only industrial site with the longest consecutive number of donation years. Depot blood donors eagerly lined up to do their part. Anniston Army Depot H-M-E Mechanic and American Red Cross 20 year Blood Donor, Dennis Hill says the depot is a big part of the community and today’s event is part of its responsibility. Anniston Army Depot’s Angela Durant says she is glad to be a part of an organization that has a long-standing record of providing service and support to the American Red Cross through Blood Drives. The Anniston Army Deport schedules four blood drives per year. 214 people participated in today’s drive. American Red Cross Donor Recruiter Donna Brittain says the Anniston Army Depot has a culture of service and they understand how important today’s activities are for their community. If you’d like to make a difference and Give blood and Save a life, the American Red Cross gives you the opportunity to donate each week at Quintard Mall. Visit the American Red Cross space near Goody's - open each Thursday from 12:00PM until 6:00PM. Walk-ins are welcome or you can make an appointment by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.


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