Donoho Joe Ribbon-Cutting

A unique student-centered idea that grew from a brainstorming session in a high school English class observes a ribbon-cutting, today. The Donoho School is the new home for Donoho Joe, a coffee shop that serves students, teachers, and parents. Nina Bidikov was a Junior when she wrote a student proposal that would not only benefit the Donoho community but also the local area. Bidikov and her English teacher Mr. Connell came up with the idea to take advantage of the unused serving area and turn it into unique and communal area. Bidikov says now that the shop is up and running she’s drinking a lot more coffee. The Donoho School Upper School Director and English Teacher Russ Connell says the ball got rolling when students discovered just how the student body could benefit.

According to Anniston Mayor Vaughn Stewart, this is both an educational and entrepreneurial opportunity that you just don’t get in a classroom. He hopes it is a model that other schools will adopt and believes that their students will take this with them far beyond school. He applauds The Donoho School for thinking outside of the box. Donoho Joe starts serving students at 7:30AM. Students can also purchase apples, bananas, and green tea.


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