Blake Leeper Visits Anniston High School

Today, the student body of Anniston High School was privileged to hear from a sports champion. Anniston students heard words from an athlete who didn’t allow disability to keep him from reaching success. Blake Leeper, a United States Paralympic athlete says it’s okay to be different. And, it’s okay to fail. As he spoke to both children and faculty in Anniston High School’s auditorium, his words echoed examples from his own life of trials and tribulation. Leeper says growing up in northeast Tennessee with both legs missing below the knee, and wearing prosthetics since nine months challenged him to look at the thousands of abilities he had within himself. He hopes that today he encouraged the students to do the same. Leeper made his international debut in 2009 at Rio de Janeiro. In 2011 he won a silver medal in the World Championships 4 x 100m Relay. In the 2012 Paralympic Games, he won an individual silver medal in the 400 meter event and a bronze medal in the 200m event.


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