Allstate Report: America’s Best Driving Report

One of the busiest driving holidays is just around the corner. And, according to reports, most Americans are making plans to leave their home states and travel by car to destinations both near and far. As drivers travel through various weather systems, big cities, and

hit the roads with fellow commuters, Allstate releases a report to remind drivers about safe driving practices. According to Allstate officials, the company’s annual ranking report of cities with the safest drivers is meant to boost the country’s discussion on safe driving. Allstate says the report is about helping people across the nation protect their cars and families. And their America’s Best Driving Report is an annual ranking that identifies which of the 200 largest U.S. cities has the safest drivers. Allstate Executive VP of Claims, Mike Roche, says sharing this data every year can highlight the importance of educating people about the importance of safe driving. He encourages drivers to be attentive behind to the wheels and shares tips to improve driving skills. his year’s report allows you to factor in precipitation, population size and population density to provide a rounded view of how drivers in each city rank. Two Alabama towns were included in their top 10. Huntsville ranked at number 5 and Montgomery at number 6. Allstate launched a site, to explain the study. New data and historical rankings from the past ten years can also be found at the website.


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