Sovereign Citizen Domestic Terrorist Arrest

Local authorities are announcing the arrest of a sovereign citizen.

Officials held a press conference to discuss the case at the Oxford Police Department. The Oxford Police Department, the Calhoun County District Attorney’s Office, and the FBI gathered together to warn area businesses of recent community activity conducted by people who are part of the sovereign citizens network. Authorities have charged Everett Stout of Scottsboro with one count of extortion. And they are currently seeking Miriam Shultz of Rainsville, who is wanted in Jackson County. Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge says over the last several days authorities have conducted undercover investigations on Stout and Shultz. The say Stout attempted to extort more than $1.6 million from high dollar businesses in our region by making false liens against the business’ property. Chief Partridge says the tactics of sovereign citizens include harassing law enforcement, court officials, and government officials. He says their actions can also be deadly to law enforcement. Calhoun Cleburne District Attorney Brian McVeigh adds that they also targeted 13 different banks in the area. And that the two have been prosecuted for several acts in other counties on the state and federal levels. Partridge says Stout is now in the Oxford City Jail. Sovereign citizens do not believe in the national government. They do not believe in the county or the local government, either. The nationwide group only believes in common law.


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