MS4: When It Rains It Drains Campaign

Calhoun County launches a campaign to keep its municipal separated storm waters sewer system clean and healthy. The campaign, loosely titled M-S-4 was inspired by a big problem found in other cities. The problem was the pollution of area waters due to trash, debris from leaves, and fertilizer. Calhoun County Assistant Engineer, Chris Gann, says that he watches over the county’s storm water runoff. And he sees M-S-4 as an educational opportunity to teach citizens the slogan: When it rains it drains. Gann adds that the city's aging storm water system is especially vulnerable in local urbanized areas because of the high concentration of pollutants found in the water’s discharges. The Calhoun County Highway Department says that the pollutants can substantially increase damage to surfaces, such as city streets, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. Gann said that people need to realize that commonly used fertilizer can result in destruction. The M-S-4 When it Rains it Drains campaign urges people to help protect waterways and keep public health at its best. The Calhoun County Highway department has created Public Service Announcements that will air on your local radio and television stations. The department will also attend special events in the county for further promotion. For more information on the campaign, visit and go to the highway department tab.


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