Life Saving Award

The Alabama Department of Public Safety and the National Sheriff’s Association recognize several officers today, who risked their lives in heroism beyond the call of duty. State Trooper John Lewis and Cleburne County Deputy Sheriff Jamie Cofield participated in tracking triple homicide suspect Roberto Moya during a high speed chase in December of 2012. During the pursuit, Officer Jackie Stovall was shot and was wounded in his leg. In today’s ceremony Lewis and Cofield were both honored for serving and protecting their fellow law enforcement officer. They were presented the Life Saving Award for their extraordinary conduct in saving the life of Jackie Stovall. Both Lewis and Cofield say they are honored and they appreciate the award. But they add that the greatest fulfillment is that they all lived. Heflin Police Department Assistant to the Chief, Jackie Stovall, attended the event and says saving a life is often part of the job. He adds that Lewis and Cofield’s actions will help him retire on his own terms and not on the terms of a criminal. Stovall will observe the 22nd month anniversary of the incident on the 15th. And he remembers the incident like it was yesterday. Officials also honored State Trooper Jimmy Harrell for his bravery in a lifesaving incident in which he helped a woman at the Calhoun County Courthouse. Harrell says being a State Trooper requires selflessness. The Life Saving Award is formally recognized annually for men and women who have performed commendable acts and services. The action has to clearly meet or exceed the award criteria and fit within the established guidelines for recognition of the Department Award Committee.


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