Law Enforcement Specialized CMV Training

According to law enforcement officials, criminal activity is growing at a fast and troublesome rate among interstate highways and officers need to know what to do beyond the routine traffic stop. So, one local police department has taken on the challenge of preparing their officers in criminal interdiction. The Heflin Police Department is sponsoring a 3 day training that concludes tomorrow. The Police Department partnered with Diamondback Training and the National Criminal Enforcement Agency to conduct the training. This week’s National Criminal Enforcement Diamond Back Specialized C-M-V training is teaching law enforcement agents to better recognize threats of criminal activity. Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Chad Payne says the training supports interstate criminal enforcement. According to Payne, the scenarios the officers receive in the classroom provide them real-time and real world experience. The National Criminal Enforcement Association was formed in 1999 in honor of a Villa Rica, Georgia Police Captain who lost his life on the interstate.


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