City Proposes Mountain Bike Trail

The city of Weaver is stepping up a plan for visitors. Mayor Wayne Willis and the Weaver City Council are supporting new projects for increased outdoor recreation. Mayor Willis says that when the current council first took office the issue of a mountain bike trail was a pressing project, but got pushed to the back burner. Now, the city of Weaver has a budget which reflects more efficient spending and has funds for the trail. Willis says the cost for a bike trail would be minimal and the city already has 16 acres behind their water tank that would most likely never be developed. He adds that he has reached out to local mountain biking enthusiasts for ideas on development. Willis says the planning is in the early phases and he is looking forward to taking advantage of the city’s steady finances. He looks to the current work on the emerging park and adds that Weaver is in a position to improve. Mayor Wills says they expect to start work on the trail in the Spring of 2015. And, at the end of the month the park equipment will be arriving and will be put up.


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