Cherokee County Board of Education Approves Budget

The Cherokee County Board of Education approves a budget of more than $41 million. According to the School Systems Chief Financial Officer Robin Cunningham, the system has $5.4 million projected in local revenues for the fiscal year. $2.3 million of that is going to teachers and support staff, $336,000 to instructional and supplies, $1.4 million for utilities and maintenance for schools, $256,000 for the additional amount for transportation cost, and $1.2 million for debt services. Projected Revenues for the board came to $38 million. And, expenditures will be at $39 million. Cunningham projected the Fiscal Year to end at $5.6 million. Children in the Gadsden City Schools after school program have been spending time this week learning the game of chess – and the life lessons that can come from the game. Former Alabama State Trooper Orrin Hudson is leading the program which is being held at the Center for Cultural Arts in Downtown Gadsden. Today, Hudson played a round of “speed chess” with the kids by playing 59 games all at the same time. Hudson travels around the south using the game of chess as a means to reaching students and teaching them life lessons that he hopes will stay with them forever. Hudson started his program 14 years ago and has reached about 40,000 kids to date. The award-winning speaker, educator and chess champion says that his goal is to eventually be a positive influence on the lives of at least one million children. You can visit his website at


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