National Preparedness Month

Local E-M-A officials encourage residents to be prepared for potential disasters that may affect their areas during this month’s National Preparedness Month. Calhoun County E-M-A Emergency Management Officer, Myles Chamblee, says he wants people to be empowered and educated. Chamblee remembers the people who were stuck in their vehicles last winter without supplies. And, he doesn’t want that to happen again. So, he says people should keep some basic items on hand to survive. Chamblee says the Federal Emergency Management Agency has multiple sources that anyone can access that will provide information to help with appropriate responses. Through its READY campaign, FEMA asks everyone to have supplies on hand to survive for at least three days if an emergency occurs. The list includes water, food, a NOAA radio, flashlight, first aid kit, and local maps, amongst other necessary supplies. FEMA also encourages people to have a least two emergency supply kits, one full kit at home, and smaller portable kits in the workplace or other places time is spent.


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