ANAD Full-Scale Protection Exercise

If you heard sirens coming from the area of the Anniston Army Depot today, there’s no need to worry, it was just a drill. Today, the depot held its Annual Protection Exercise. First Responders, E-M-A Personnel, law enforcement and medical personnel participated in the full-scale exercise that involved various scenarios. The focus of the multiple scenario simulation was an active shooter. Officials introduced the exercise with a hazard of a 55-gallon drum containing sulphuric acid and a round from the active shooter penetrating the barrel. ANAD personnel were required to plot the trail of the hazard spill and make sure the impact to the depot was reduced. Anniston Army Depot Operations Manager, Thyris Banks, says his role was to make sure that both the Emergency Operation Center and the Commander were informed. He says the exercise emphasized the importance of being prepared. Banks adds that the exercise went very well and personnel left the exercise better prepared.


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