2014 Salute to Industry Luncheon

Industry members from across Calhoun County attend the 2014 Salute to Industry Luncheon at Oxford Civic Center, today. The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce hosted the event as a recognition and appreciation to existing local industries. However, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Jason Alderman, says the county has seen substantial job growth-that’s more than 900 jobs - in the last 18 months due to regional cooperation. During the luncheon, the Chamber acknowledged 6 local industries that have contributed to job growth in the area. They include: Bear & Son Cutlery, Bridgewater Interiors, International Automotive Components, Kronospan, Shelco Foundries, and Tyler Union. The event’s special guest speaker, Alabama Secretary of Commerce Greg Canfield, agrees that diversification should remain part of Alabama’s “Accelerate Alabama” strategic plan. Officials say Alabama’s current and future economy look a lot different than the economy of 150 years ago. They say the industrial climate has changed and advanced manufacturing is the new staple of the state.


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