Wells Fargo Building Dedication

An Anniston bank celebrates its dedication today. Wells Fargo and members from the Anniston community gathered at its Quintard Avenue location to share a commitment to downtown Anniston. The institution also recognized the special day with symbols from Anniston’s past and hopeful tokens from area fourth-graders of what the future will hold.

The elementary students from 10th Street Elementary School opened a time capsule from the Watergate era that was in the old bank building at the same location. The students also sealed a new time capsule. Student Amari Fields said she wasn’t sure of what she’d find in the old time capsule. The old time capsule included a phone book, a newspaper and other items. Wells Fargo officials say the fourth-graders made their mark by leaving parts of them to the future. The students sealed the new time capsule with a current map of Anniston, a class picture, and each student’s name and age. 10th Street Elementary School student Ayania Stone said they had to think to include things that were different and unique to today’s times. 10th Street Elementary School Fourth Grade teacher, Tonya Alford says she was amazed at how the items in the old time capsule held up and how the capsule stirred up recollections from her youth. The dedication day also included Wells Fargo donations to non-profits and a viewing of a unique community history mural for the first time. Wells Fargo Anniston Market President, Margaret Roberts, said the unveiling of the mural shows the bank’s willingness to share history with the community. The images on the community mural were provided by Anniston Public Library, the Alabama Department of Archives and History, the Library of Congress and the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives. The images are of Noble Street from the 1930s, a military marching band, the Anniston Federal Building and more.


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