Weaver Dog Park Renovation Complete

Residents in Weaver are now able to take their pooches and hounds to a place specifically designed just for them. The dog park/dog run at Elwell Park in Weaver is open and ready for business. And that business is the exercise and recreation of your favorite four-legged family member. Mayor Wayne Willis says this is Phase 3 of park renovations. Last month, the park’s playground renovations were completed. The dog park is fenced off with obstacles, has a concrete pad for water drinking, includes an elevated dog bath, and has benches for dog owners to rest upon. It is built on an acre of land just behind City Hall. Mayor Wayne Willis says, the city does not have a lot of money invested in the dog park. Willis adds that he would like to add obstacles for K-9 training, so K-9 officers and their dogs can come from all over Calhoun County to the park. He says there is always room for expansion. And, he is looking to incorporate dog competition events in the future. Elwell Park is equipped with B-M-X, a skateboard park, basketball and tennis, and a walking trail.


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