The Emergency Management Agency Monitoring Tonight's Weather Conditions

The Emergency Management Agency for Calhoun County, Etowah County, and Talladega County are carefully watching tonight’s weather. Calhoun, Etowah, and Talladega Counties are in the severe to moderate storm warn categories. Officials say they are staying in close contact with the National Weather Service for regular updates. And, although, there is a threat for hail and flooding, the threat level for flooding is low. Calhoun County E-M-A Director Jonathan Gaddy says this is the first big weather outbreak in the Fall Season. Etowah County E-M-A Public Information Officer Patrick Huselton says the agency is closely monitoring the N-W-S radio. They’re also watching the N-W-S websites, and multimedia broadcasts. E-M-A officials say this is a good time to check radios for fresh batteries, make sure your emergency supplies are stocked, and review your family’s emergency plan.


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