"The Gamecock Way" by Coach Todd Bates

From the outside looking in, the game of football is a rugged one with tough people and a lot of physicality; but somewhere in the mix is the soul of the game and former star player now coach Todd Bates has seemed to find it.

Bates coaches the defensive line at Jacksonville State and he has a new poem out titled “The Gamecock Way”. He says he got the inspiration for it during spring training after he and his wife moved back to Alabama from Mississippi. Bates knew he walked into a very special program and started writing the piece.

So far, the poem has inspired a new JSU t-shirt with the lyrics on it and it has become the theme of a video voiced by the team just before the enter the field during home games.

Bates is a former Cleburne County and Alabama football player so he knows how deeply intertwined football is with the community and the state.The Gamecock Way t-shirts are available at the off-campus bookstore across the street from the Stadium Towers.

*The Gamecock Way video is posted in the featured video after the story.

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