Demand for Afterschool Programs

The demand for afterschool programs continues to grow in Alabama. That’s according to a new household survey that finds Alabama must address significant challenges. Challenges including increasing the availability of afterschool programs to meet demand. Afterschool Alliance commissioned the survey of 30,000 American households in the 2014 edition of America After 3PM. The household survey also included 203 interviews in Alabama. It found that13 percent of Alabama students are enrolled in afterschool programs. But more than 148,000 Alabama students are still without adult supervision in the afternoons. 89 percent of parents say they are satisfied with their child’s afterschool program. 84 percent of parents report that they favor public funding for afterschool opportunities in communities that have few opportunities for children and youth. The household survey also found that the vast majority of parents of children in afterschool programs in Alabama see significant benefits from their children’s participation.


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