Mayor and Council Inauguration

Today’s ceremony included the installation of three new council members who were elected during the city’s municipal election in August. The new members include Cynthia Toles in District One, Thomas Worthy in District Three and Billy Billingsley, Sr. in District Five. The new council actually held their first work session of their term last night, and elected District Two Councilman Deverick Williams to be the Council President for the next four years. The council president has control during the council meetings, appoints members to the group’s committees and sets the meeting agendas. One of the first actions by the new council was to adjust the group’s weekly meeting schedule and to move two of the council’s meetings each month to a 5pm start time.The new meeting schedule will have the council meeting at its traditional 11a.m. time on the first, third and fifth Tuesday of each month - with the meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday each month being held at 5p.m. All regular council meetings are held in the council chambers at Gadsden City Hall.


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