Calhoun County Residential Sales Up

Earlier this week, the National Association of Realtors said the percentage of homes that were sold to first-time homebuyers in the U-S dropped to the lowest percentage in almost three decades. The report states that the low home buying rate is due to a recent housing boom peak. But, in a recent report from the Alabama Center for Real Estate, sales of Calhoun County residential homes show an improvement in sales growth, with more than 25 percent increase from last year to this Fall. Officials say Calhoun County’s residential home sales trend is consistent with seasonal buying patterns. ERA King Real Estate President Everett King spoke to TV24 about the new report. He says ERA King has a regional view of the upswing in local real estate. King says that ERA King’s year-to-date sales are higher than the national dynamic.

And, Calhoun County home median sales prices are up. According to Fannie Mae, the September National Housing Survey shows a slight recovery in consumer housing sentiment after a two-month setback. King adds that demonstrates improvement in the industry. The Calhoun County Residential Monthly Report indicates housing recovery is on track to resume in 2015. King agrees that there is a leveling out in the market and he is feeling optimistic about interest rates and appreciation. King says the Calhoun County real estate market is working with good solid numbers and that even with all of the dynamics; people are still going to buy houses. ERA King Real Estate was started by King’s father in 1969.


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