Genetic Disorder Awareness Rally

Lincoln High School Biology students hold a Genetic Disorder Awareness Rally in the Lincoln High School Gymnasium, today.

Lincoln High School Biology teacher, Amanda Bailey says the rally is the culmination of project based learning. She says students were required to create a PowerPoint presentation and make a project board during the learning module. Student and teachers wore blue denim genes ribbons to symbolize awareness. Lincoln High School 9th Grader Makayla Weatherspoon says she believes they are making a difference in this important issue. Lincoln High School 9th Grader Breanna Henry says today’s rally is just the beginning. They are starting at their school and will branch out to other schools. Event organizers say they are really pleased with today’s presentations. Lincoln High School Science Teacher Jocelyn Colley says there are many ways to bring about awareness to genetic disorders. Participating students were from the ninth and tenth grades.


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