Governor Bentley Says More Revenue is Need to Fix Budget

Governor Robert Bentley says he wants to be upfront with voters. The state is facing a budget crisis and fixing it the right way will require changes that some people probably won't like. Legislators are facing another hole in the state's General Fund and Bentley says filling it will require more revenue. Bentley says taxes are a last resort. He says legislators will discuss legalized gambling and possibly ending some tax deductions. However, he stressed nothing has been decided. Money taken from a state trust fund to prop up the budget will run out at the end of the fiscal year. Bentley says the true need is as high as $700 million if you consider what the state has shifted from various places to shore up the General Fund, money owed to the federal government and other debts. The governor says legislators have a choice of trying to piece together another temporary fix or finding a long-term solution for the state's yearly budget problems.


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