Local Leaders Speak Out on Ferguson

Last night a grand jury out of Ferguson, Missouri decided not to indict a police officer for shooting and killing an unarmed teenager. Since August, the country has watched protests erupt in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of Michel Brown-the Black teenager who was unarmed when he was shot and killed by white Police Officer Darren Wilson. And, today, in the state of Alabama one local city urges its residents to respond with social consciousness and seek solutions that call for dialogue between local communities and law enforcement.The city of Anniston hosted a press conference with community stakeholders, today at Anniston’s City Hall. Members of the Anniston City Council, the Anniston Police Department, representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, members of S-C-L-C, the N-A-A-C-P, local ministers, and representative from the Anniston Citizen’s Advisory Committee gathered to discuss the relevance last night’s decision from the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri has for the city of Anniston. The press conference began with a prayer calling for wisdom and understanding.Ward 3 Anniston City Councilman Seyram Selase says Anniston is a diverse city. And it will require cooperation for the community to remain vibrant and safe. He says we must look beyond feelings of outrage and start building trust.nniston Mayor Vaughn Stewart encouraged his city to dialogue about how to productively address community concerns regarding the Ferguson decision. Ward 2 Anniston City Councilman David Reddick mentioned that race is still an issue in our region. He added that he hopes this incident will help motivate people to become free from injustice.Anniston leaders encouraged partnership - Calling for people to work together to help each other understand the sad and disappointing images that are being reported.The N-A-A-C-P has a petition to urge the Department of Justice to complete their federal criminal civil rights investigation into Michael Brown’s slaying.


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