The City of Anniston & RMC Fail To Reach Agreement

The City of Anniston and R-M-C have so far failed to agree to the terms of a proposed agreement over the lawsuit the hospital has filed against the city. The RMC Board rejected the agreement, today. And, this evening the City of Anniston released a statement that says in part:

The City hopes that RMC will reconsider its decision and act in the best interest of the community it is pledged to serve rather than requiring both the City and RMC to expend public resources litigating rights and duties that should not be in question. In October, the council decided to remove Greg Kernion from his seat and appoint city manager Brian Johnson and Anniston resident Paula Watkins to the RMC board. R-M-C and the city of Anniston disagree over how much information the hospital is required to provide the public and the status of R-M-Cs board.


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