IAC Expands McClellan Facility: Anniston

One of the biggest employers at the former Fort McClellan site in Anniston is about to get even bigger. Officials with International Automotive Components were on hand today for a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the expansion of its McClellan facility. Nick Skwiat (Ski-awt), the company’s senior director of operations, says this is a major milestone for the local operation. Skwiat says the expansion will allow IAC to add about 350 new workers to its local payroll during the next two years. If all goes as planned, IAC will have more than 500 employees at its Anniston facility by 2016. The primary product at the local plant is door panels that are used in a variety of new automobiles such as Hondas and Nissans. Skwiat says the location of the Anniston plant was a big part of the reason for its expansion as car makers continue to move more and more of their operations to the South. IAC is an international company headquartered in Luxembourg that operates 80 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries. It employs more than 28-thousand workers world-wide and had sales last year of 5-point-2 billion dollars.


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