Flu Tips: Anniston

The typical U-S flu season runs from December to February. And officials are encouraging people to remember that it is not too late to get a flu shot. The fatality rates for flu depends on many factors but a few of those factors are: the strain of the virus, the potency of the vaccines, and even how viral the flu is. Officials say worldwide deaths from the flu virus have been as small as 3,800 people to more than 48,000 deaths. Most often those over 65-years of age, the young, and the very sick are the most vulnerable. Even though flu statistics are frightening, one local health professional tells us that the flu is manageable. Dr. William Bohannon is the Director of Occupational Medicine at Regional Medical Center. He says that although the flu is debilitating to most people, most of those people diagnosed with the flu will recover. Dr. Bohannon stresses that the best treatment is prevention. The doctor adds that the medications work much better if they are started within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. If you have or have had the flu – Wash your hands frequently with hand washing and sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer, don’t let people eat and drink after you, and if you cough or sneeze make sure you cover your mouth.


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