Heflin Police Move Into New Building

The Heflin Police Department is now in its new building. The building is on Bell Street. That’s a mile from the old department headquarters in City Hall. The new station has double square footage when compared to the old station. It has a functional kitchen, a conference room, and an interview-interrogation room. And, one of the perks is that almost every officer has their own office. Chief A.J. Benefield says a major issue for the department when it decided it needed to move was the funding for the property. The Police Department will pay $10 per year during its 10-year lease on the property. The building is owned by the Cleburne County Hospital Board. And, although, the station is now in a new location, Benefield adds that there will be no negative effect on response time. Although the officers will not be spending the majority of their time within the station, Benefield says they are excited about serving the public better with more capability. The new station has 3 ways in and 3 ways out, and 4 bathrooms. And now, there are more ways for the sunshine to come through. There was only one window in the other building and now every office has a window.


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