Sales Tax Discussion: Etowah County

Members of Etowah County’s legislative delegation meet to hear from the groups that benefit from the county’s one-cent sales tax. The one-cent sales and use tax was implemented by the legislature in 1996 and has been renewed on several occasions since then.  The fund created by the tax distributes about $10 million each year to school systems, the county commission, community development, volunteer fire departments and numerous other agencies around the county.  Senator Phil Williams asked for the meeting as a way for the delegation to gauge how the money was being put to use by the beneficiaries. Each organization that receives money from the tax gave a short presentation of how their share of the money is used.  Senator Williams stressed that the meeting was in no way meant to be punitive and that there should be no implication that any agency was misusing funds.  To anyone’s knowledge, today’s meeting was the first to ever ask the recipients to outline how they use the money.


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