Smoke Free Air Ordinance in Gadsden

The city of Gadsden will have a Smoke Free Air ordinance go into effect on February 1st. According to Councilman Ben Reed, after the council looked at some conditions and considered amendments, the committee passed the ordinance. It prohibits smoking in all enclosed areas of employment in the city, within 20 feet of public entrances to buildings and in bars, restaurants, businesses and other public places. Councilman Reed says the effective date was supposed to be January 1st. But even more importantly he wants the council to look into amending the ordinance to exclude bingo in Gadsden because bingo brings in funding for area agencies. District 2 Councilman Deverick Williams says the ordinance is good and he believes it is a responsible public safety decision. He expects to see it implemented and for it to yield positive results.


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