Little River Canyon National Preserve

Little River Canyon National Preserve closes three seasonal backcountry campsites because of an issue with waste disposal. The three campsites are Flint Rock, Hartline Ford, and Billy Ford. Park Ranger Larry Beane says the parks have had problems with the toilet boxes. They used to have a system to get out there and clean them up, but now that service is not available anymore. And the issue is keeping the campsite that is normally open February 1st each year, closed. Beane says the process will begin with the preserve designating the campsites and reviewing them for special species.He adds that the process will involve looking at doing studies toward the end of the month and into February. But, the study dates are still not scheduled. The transitional campsites will be located at nearby areas up the hill from Flint Rock and off County Road 295. However, he is unable to say when the new sites will officially open. There are other campsites outside the park that are open year round.  

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