Residents Dispute Annexation: Lincoln

A group of Talladega County residents rally against the City of Lincoln at the Lincoln City Hall, today. The city has expanded its police jurisdiction to encompass greater properties. And residents outside the city of Lincoln say it has begun to enforce its city ordinances upon people that had no voice or vote in adoption of the ordinances. District 11 Senator Jim McClendon says he called the meeting to bring about better dialogue between the Mayor, the city council, and area residents. Mayor Bud Kitchin says most of the points of discussion were in place prior to him coming in as mayor. Dogwood Farms owner Robbie Angles says he has been severely impacted. He says that at the completion of his chicken houses, a city contractor stopped his contractors and said they did not obtain adequate permits. Citizens Against Lincoln Expansion Attorney John Hubbard says the legislature can restrict Lincoln. Hubbard says even though Lincoln has some overlapping jurisdiction, he is expecting a good resolution that works for everyone.

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