Calhoun County And Etowah County Gay Marriage: Alabama

With the expiration of a 14-day stay of a U.S. District Court order to allow same sex marriages in Alabama, same-sex couples all over the state lined up at probate offices across in their counties to apply for marriage licenses. Here in East Alabama, while those couples were allowed to *apply* for licenses in Calhoun County, Probate Judge Alice Martin said she would not actually *issue* the licenses. Same sex couples were also met by protesters outside the probate office in Calhoun County. The protestors said that they were there for love and that they wanted to express their support of biblical marriage...what they defined as one-man, one-woman.Meanwhile, in Etowah County, Probate Judge Bobby Junkins' office issued marriage licenses to anyone who applied...and one couple didn't wait long to tie the knot...having their ceremony right on the courthouse lawn. We're told that many same-sex couples from East Alabama went to Jefferson County where the probate office was giving licenses and performing marriage ceremonies.

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