Supreme Court Judge Criticizes Supreme Court Colleagues

A Supreme Court judge is criticizing his Supreme Court colleagues for refusing to issue a stay in the same-sex marriage question until the court resolves the issue nationwide in a few months. Justice Clarence Thomas said in a dissenting opinion today, that the court's Alabama decision could be seen as a signal that the justices already have already decided they will declare that gay and lesbian couples have a right to marry under the Constitution. Since October, the justices have repeatedly turned away state requests to keep same-sex marriages from taking place until appeals are resolved. Alabama's plea is the first since the court stepped into the issue last month. Justice Antonin Scalia joined Thomas' dissent. In the absence of a stay, there will likely be more confusion in the coming months leading up to the Supreme Court’s anticipated ruling on the legality of same-sex marriage." Strange added that without the stay from the Supreme Court, the Federal Court order is legally in effect and prevents him from enforcing Alabama’s laws against same-sex marriage in his official capacity as Attorney General.

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