Army National Guard Marches Superspeedway: Talladega

Soldiers attending the accelerated Officer Candidate School conducted by the Fort McClellan Army National Guard Training Center perform a seven mile foot march at Talladega Superspeedway, today. The march started in Eastaboga and ended at the track's finish line. Regiment Commander Colonel Curtis Faulk who also came through the program in the late 80s says he's proud of his soldiers and despite the wind and cold everyone made it in less time than required. Senior Platoon Trainer Major Randall Albritton says the leadership developed during the training is key. He says the soldiers are challenged to complete the march carrying a pack weighing 35 pounds. This march is part of a three-part training of a 5-mile, 7-mile, and 10-mile marching exercise. The 10-mile exercise will take place next week at Pelham Range.

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