Newly Renovated Police Headquarters

One local police department moves into a newly renovated headquarters. The Sylacauga Police Department is utilizing every inch of the approximately 4100 square feet in their new space. The new facility offers a host of amenities and resources for the public and for the members of the department. The new headquarters is in an energy efficient building that usies automatic motion and heat sensing light switches, LED fixtures, and a high quality HVAC system. There is also a large break room / roll call area that has a kitchen for the employees. The investigations division is housed in a secure environment with cubicles for the general crimes investigators and warrant officer...and the administrative area is separated from the patrol and investigative divisions. The department is hosting an open house and ribbon cutting for the new facility that is open to the public. The event is being sponsored by the Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce and will be held Monday at 3:00 PM As part of the open house event, police department employees will give tours of the new facility..


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