Local Road Crews & Snow Plows: Calhoun County

In anticipation of inclement road and weather conditions Calhoun County Road Crews are preparing equipment for snow removal. Emergency managers are reporting icy road conditions will affect Alabama Tuesday morning. So, according to Calhoun County Engineer Brian Rosenbalm, when the weather situation turns to a wintry weather occurence, you can expect to see plenty of snow plows on the streets. Rosenbalm says Calhoun County Road Crews will concentrate efforts on the higher volume connector routes across the County that lead to bigger state routes. He adds that the community can plan on the crews opening those first.

With the National Weather Service anticipating widespread travel problems Wednesday, especially during the afternoon and evening hours... The Calhoun County's Sheriff's Office has readied their HUMVEES. Winter precipitation will leave slick spots on roads in our region, making it problematic and maybe even leaving some people in need of a rescue. Amerson says its much better to be prepared by ensuring that residents don't go onto the public roads. He says if you do; you're taking a big risk. And he adds that you can help Public Safety Workers by just staying home and enjoying the snow.


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