August Jury Trial: Kristen Saban

An August jury trial has been scheduled to hear the long-running dispute between the daughter of Alabama football coach Nick Saban and a sorority sister who claims that Kristen Saban beat her after a night of drinking. The Tuscaloosa News reports that Circuit Judge James Roberts has scheduled a trial for the week of Aug. 3. 24-year-old Kristen Saban and 25-year-old Sarah Grimes, acknowledge they got into a physical altercation on August 29, 2010. But each has accused the other of being the aggressor. Roberts dismissed Sarah Grimes' lawsuit in February 2014, ruling that the younger Saban was defending herself in line with Alabama's "stand your ground" law. The Alabama Supreme Court reinstated the case. Neither Nick Saban nor his wife, Terry Saban, is a party in the lawsuit.


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