8th Grade Career EXPO: Oxford

The Career Connect 8th Grade Career EXPO presented by Eastman has been taking place at the Oxford Civic Center for the last couple of days. The expo exposes students to a variety of careers in six focus areas. Weaver High School students Amiya Elston and Tabitha Roberts say they appreciate leaving their everyday school campus and having the chance to be exposed to a new environment where they can learn about different occupations. Presenters, officials, and teachers say the goal is to share opportunities with students to help them make smart choices for their future and develop their career interests. Presenter Jana Roberts is with the Calhoun County District Attorney’s office. She says she enjoys teaching students what it takes to work at the D-As office. The students learned about Education, Arts and Theater, Innovation and Technology, Engineering and Agriculture, Public Services, Healthcare, and Career Tech.

The expo will run until Thursday and it will start at 7:30AM and end at 2:15PM. More than 1,500 8th graders are expected to attend the event.


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